Hey, you guys!  So, after I, apparently, upset some people with my comments a few weeks ago about how horrible Princess Peach was in Super Mario Bros. 2; Jarv and I thought it would be best if I took a week off the blog. I never knew some of our readers were so touchy.  That’s right Movie Hour, I’m calling you out for saying Princess Peach got your start button was bad enough not withstanding the fact I don’t know what your ‘start button’ is implying, but I am sure Luigi is happier he was not a part of it.  Ha, just kidding Movie Hour. Actually there was no big controversy, I was playing some real life Ski or Die with some friends and before I left for the mountains I finally had the chance to start the new Assassins Creed and before I knew it  I had lost track of the week which putting Jarv on the blog. And, I’ll be the first to say it wasn’t as bad as he made it out to be.

I was going to come back and lay out one of my normal video game rant blogs, but instead I just wanted to thank the readers for coming to the site. We are on a roll with the views lately and just wanted to say “Thank You.” I have to tell you we are really feeling the love and it is keeping us pumped to create some new material for all of you.  If you have any thoughts on what would make your experience on our site better or even how we interact with you, just hit us up our Facebook, our email, or just through screaming obscenities directly at us on the streets, and we will make sure we’ll keep doing our best for you.

Enough of me showering you with my love, let’s get to the comic. You  should know by now we love a good series, and this one is no different. So, on to your final ‘PSP Love’ installment, we hope you enjoy it.  Until next week when we drop your maturity level a few more points…