One of the great things about reading comics, especially independent comics, is always the letters page or back matter at the end of each issue. Reading The Walking Dead for as long as I have, the letters page always displays a great insight into the lives and emotions of the people who are reading each comic and the creators who create each issue. It’s also a great way to have a conversation, in a weird sense, because most of the times at the end of an emotional comic you need some to talk to and there usually isn’t anyone around to talk to. My first real experience with the letters page in comics was Brian Wood’s and Becky Cloonan’s DEMO. One of the things that I always enjoyed was the mix tapes they’d each share with every issue. So, here is the mix tape for PSP: Love and the three comics that followed considering, as you’ll soon see, they are linked.

“Land of Misfit Toys” by Voodoo Glow Skulls: Playing in the background of the first two PSP Love comics.

“Seeing Red” by Minor Threat: This track slowly fades in during the last panel of PSP: Love: part 2 of 3 and plays out throughout PSP: Love: Interlude: Best of Berry.

“Tomorrow Comes Today” by Gorillaz: the last panel of PSP: Love: part 3 of 3.

“It’s your Voodoo Workin'” by Imelda May: This songs starts off The Boys are Back in Town comic.

“Roboturner” by Between the Buried and Me: When the ladies turn on our heroes in the last panel of  The Boys are back in Town.

“Tramp” by Junior Kimbrough: The first couple panels of Fight or Fall.

And considering that the last three comics are all named after Thin Lizzy songs in this weeks comic, Warriors, Thin Lizzy’s “Massacre” would be perfect for the background music.  You’ll see why shortly. And, “Cold, Cold Ground” by Tom Waits will play during the very last panel and close the book on this great journey.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed these long comic run and I know Paulie and I can’t wait to roll out all of the great comics we’ve been working on over the past few months.  Sorry there’s no comic link imbedded in the blog, I’m actually writing this in the past and it will post in my future, your present. The power of our amazing new site.

Stay classy,