Hey, you guys! It has been an interesting week for me since I was left all  by my lonesome. As you guys know from last week Jarv was taking off for some well deserved rest with the family down in Florida but, this left me with a few dilemmas. What was I going to do for the week? It’s normally not good to leave me or your Mogwai alone for too long. I was also worried he hadn’t left me enough money for food, I mean, he would not let me starve but sometimes you need wings with your pizza. Then finally who was going to be my comic relief? Now I am decent on my own but I am much better rolling tandem.

As all of you can guess I made it through the week, but it was not easy. Thanks to my wife and my lower than average intelligence she was able to con me into staying busy all week. First she mesmerized me with numerous video games to pass the time. But once that could no longer keep my attention she moved on to comic books. I was happily surprised she bought me some new books so I had a lot to read. Once I was done though this was when her real genius came out. She actually said to me, “Okay, you have read them now it is time to go back and see how many dick images you can find in the art”. That was pure gold, I spent 4 days looking through the art and found at least twelve dick prints, which finished my week off strong.

As much as I want to continue to reminisce about how my wife was able to treat me like a child and I unknowingly followed. It may be best for my street cred if we just go to this week’s comic, especially since we will be out in public in just a few weeks. That’s right, we will be at the SPACE comic con in Columbus Ohio April 13-14th. We hope to see you all there but until then enjoy this week’s comic.