Hey, you guys! This week has been a tough one again in the Side Quest Comic world. Jarv and I have been running ourselves ragged this week and, man, it has sucked. All we wanted to do was spent some time on the comic and get ready for Free Comic Book Day next weekend, but that ended up being wishful thinking. Instead Jarv put over thirty hours in at the rice factory plus worked at his night job, I am shocked we have a comic this week. While I juggled work and colossal home improvements all week. I think after the last few weeks I’ve had, I am ready to join the circus.  I’ve got the juggling act down but I just need to learn that damn unicycle.

You know as I am writing this I just started to laugh, I complain a lot to you all in these blogs. Each week it must be like you are reading a Spider-Man comic. He must complain more than another super hero out there. “O, why does Mary Jane not like me?” “Aunt May don’t die!” “Why does my spider suit give me a moose knuckle?” Okay, I may have thrown that last one in, but we all know he is thinking it. Now if I am wrong and you just love Spider-Man, then you need to hit us up on Facebook, or Twitter now and let us know what super hero complains more than Spider-Man.

So, enough of me, it’s time for the comic. We hope you guys enjoy, we actually worked on this one down to the wire. But we think it was totally worth it, and we hope you do to. Also, we look forward to seeing you all at Free Comic Book Day. We are posting up shop for the day at Prime Time Comics in Lake Orion this Saturday. So, enjoy and until next week.