Hey, you guys! I know that everyone guessed it but I am writing the blog this week about Mother’s Day, and how great our Moms have been to us. I know some of you out there may think it is just the easy way of creating the blog, but for once I am not just taking the easy route. I think it is important that we take the time this week to truly honor our Mothers for all that they have done for us over the years.  I can tell you that if it was not for my Mom I would not be doing this comic with Jarv right now, and I don’t mean for all of the comic material she gives me either. Thanks again Mom for being a good sport on the whole Easter comic, considering it was pretty quick that I joked about you becoming a Shaman. My bad.

What I am saying is that my Mom has always made sure that I had an appreciation for art and creating it. Art has been one thing that my Mom and I have always had together. From just playing with coloring books, to photography, to even comic books my mom has taught me a lot over the years. She showed me how to finally stay in the lines while coloring. She also showed me I could use a camera lens for more than just peeping on my neighbors, which came in handy in college. And that comics aren’t just about make believe stories, but  they can be a great medium for amazing artwork. I think my mom has single-handedly kept the Spawn series alive over the years, just to look at the artwork. But could not tell you a single thing that is going on in the story.

So, guys, let’s take some extra time out this week and not just stop celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday. Let’s do a few extra things this week for Mom just to thank her for all she has done. Like when she did all of the artwork for your 6th grade book report, and your teacher thought you were a child art protege.  Hell, why not start by reading this week’s comic with her. That way you can thank her for not letting you become the smelly kid in class. So, enjoy and until next week.