Hey, you guys! So, Jarv and I track our year based off of events that we always go to, one of those events is the Cherry Capital Con (C3) in Traverse City. C3 was the first comic convention where we had a booth, and we always look forward to going back each and every year. We have made a lot of friends up at C3 who we always look forward to seeing. Most are other creators we have bonded with during the down times while hawking our wares to patrons. We love to see these guys  and talk about how everyone’s projects are going or have changed. It is always great to see people plugging away at the good fight. We also love to see all of the fans that we met in prior years who have become fans of the comic. Yes, we actually have kept a few people coming back for more over the years. So, don’t worry Mom, we aren’t just making these comics for you and Shelly to wonder where you went wrong raising us.

This year was a little crazy though, I had family emergency come up and I was not able to make it up to the con this year. It is really weird to have missed it. It feels like I went to take a nap before going Trick or Treating, but ended up sleeping through the whole night. In the long run it was the right thing for me to do but I still wonder what magical events I missed. Like on Halloween when you came up to a house that had a lazy owner who put a bowl of candy out that read: Just Take One.  Come on, I’ll take one, alright! One bowl, you lazy piece of crap. But, even though I missed out I have to thank Jarv and Dana, they still went and brought the Side Quest Comic stank to C3. Thank You for stepping up and keeping us alive, I really owe you. Dana was joking with me while they were up there that she was Bizzaro Paulie. I am guessing that she did way better than I would have up there.

Okay, I think that it has been enough of my pity party , we all know I could not make it. Lets get over it and move on to the comic. We hope you guys enjoy it, and sorry for the two week delay. But, like I said, Jarv had a lot dropped on his plate being left alone with all of this work over the last few weeks. But, if I know him it is just more time to make the comic even more ridiculous. So, enjoy, and until next week…