Hey, you guys! So, I was thinking after I wrote last week’s blog about all of the different running races Jarv and I do, and then I realized I do some really stupid things just to say I did them. Let’s just take our running relay races, for instance. We consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol, sleep only two hours, and then go run almost half a marathon in some of the worst heat imaginable. Why you might ask? Well, good question. We stick to the idea that we get to hang out with our friends. Which in itself is stupid, because I see those assholes all the time. Plus, why wouldn’t we just go camping together instead of damn near killing ourselves out on some backwoods road or trail? Because we want to be able to say the stupid thing we did and how awesome we are for doing it.

I was a little bummed out this week because it has finally set in that I am going to miss our relay next month. But according to my wife, the birth of our child is more important. Which is most likely the truth but still burns inside to know what I am going to miss out on. But, then I realized I still had an event this week that I get to do. For those of you that might recall, I was a moron and signed up for the Tough Mudder, which is actually this Sunday. In hind sight it may have been a bad idea, running, freezing my ass off, claustrophobia, and getting shocked in the taint does not sound fun. But imagine the stories I will get to tell people, I guess that will make it all worth it. That is, if I like telling stories while I empty my own colostomy bag!

As I prepare for my doom, I am at least going to enjoy this week’s comic with you guys. We hope you enjoy this one, it really hits home for Jarv and I. We don’t know what we would do without our used games. Hell, we have driven hours just to go to a used game shop and put our grubby little hands all over everything. So, save the used game market! Viva La used games!