Hey, you guys! So, if you read last weeks blog you know I was afraid that I was going off to my doom at the Tough Mudder. Well, I am happy to say I have survived, but not without my share of abuse. There was the usual craziness, fire, ice-bath electrocution, chaffing, and of course running. But, I also had a few other obstacles to overcome, the crazy heat, getting stuck behind the man who decided beans would be the perfect breakfast for a race, and a small outbreak of norovirus that I, thankfully,  managed to miss out on. Luckily, I was smart enough to keep my mouth closed while nose deep in mud that I am sure contained at least 10% fecal matter.

As I watched so many people go through the course and the obstacles, I could not help to think about what are the similarities between a Game Stop and a running event. All great game shops have an odor of sweat and feet in them, just like all of the runners had. Then there was all the mouth breathing that was going on during the race, which is reminiscent of the countless debates Jarv and I have gotten into with game shop employees over the usual throng of nerd topics.

Then there was the total lack of coordination that some of the runners had. Most people could either run but could not do the obstacles, or were awesome at the obstacles and then ran like a three legged dog. Which, again, reminds me of the contradiction with most gamers coordination. How can someone dominate a game of Battle Toads, one of the most difficult games in my opinion, but when they have to take my game out of the sleeve in the drawer and put it into the CD holder, they look like a chimp putting a square peg in a round hole? Come on, dude!

Alright, it might still be a stretch, but you all know by now my brain is not right. So, let’s get you to the real craziness you came for. Which will give me some time to go wash my ass for the hundredth time. I truly understand why they call it sandpaper now, I have been raw for a week. Anyways, we hope you guys enjoy the comic this week, and till next time..