Welcome back! We’ve had a bit of an unexpected bump in the road this summer and Paulie and I are sorry for leaving you all hanging, especially in the middle of a story arc. One of the reasons we pushed the comic into a new direction was the ability to write stories we could sit on and wait for those busy summer weeks to publish them. Despite our best efforts our plan fell short, but we’re pushing forward, learning from our mistakes and working hard on the comic.

There’s one more change to the comic but it will only be a temporary change. I’ll be taking over Paulie’s position on the blog for the next few weeks. Last Thursday,Paulie and his wife welcomed their wonderful baby boy into the world. A few months back I told Paulie he should take a leave from the blog to focus on his new family and though he didn’t want to, he eventually saw the logic in a brief leave. Paulie is not leaving for good or anything horrible like that, he’s still a huge part of the comic, but it’s in the best interest for him to focus on this new family.

In this third part of our five part story arc we have see Paulie at Best Buy. Now, we’re not trying to bag on retail workers considering both Paulie and I work in retail but for the next two comic these are stories written from real life events. Granted the last two panels of this weeks comic does have a special guest star who’s close to us in the comic world and obviously that part is hyperbolic. But, the crux of the next two stories really happened. For more on what I’m talking about here’s the comic.

Stay classy,