Working on the comic has always been a constant battle of making adjustments. Every time we think we have a good plan something comes along and throws a wrench into our new system. With the birth of Paulie’s baby boy already making August a busy month but then with me working overtime at my job every week, finishing two separate design jobs, working on a submission piece and working on the comic made August a beast. With September starting, things thankfully have slowed down a bit but with Kokomo-Con on the horizon and the holidays looming in the distance I’ll only have these calm waters for a short time.

This weeks comic is the fourth installment of our Starving in the Belly story arc. In this weeks comic we show the lengths a gamer has to go through to buy games at a non-traditional game store. I think we’ve all had the dread of seeing no one attending the electronics sections of our favorite big box stores and knowing our only recourse is to wander aimlessly into the arms of an employee or use the red phone and call Echo Base for help.

On the other hand, a week or two back, I did experience the other side to this inconvenient coin. At my local Meijer, they had put out a of bunch of older budget priced games on their shelves. Without a glass case or even one of those plastic- security-cage-condoms clam-shelling the games they where completely helpless against the public. So I ended up buying a Tekken Tag 2 without a game inside.  That was a fun experience especially the feeling of not knowing what Meijer’s customer service would think when I show up with an empty case and a, what could easily sound like, bullshit story. On my short drive back to the store I did rehearse a few angry monologues if my refund went south. But, thankfully Meijer is a cool store and they refunded my $20 with no problems. I was, however, out of the time I wasted driving back to the store and the irritation of knowing that there are people in the world who would do something that petty.

Alright, enough babbling, here’s this weeks comic.


Stay Classy,


[EDIT] All of this was written before the site went all crazy. Welcome back!