Hey, you guys! Last week I was so excited to get back to helping with the comic, and tell all of you about my bundle of joy that I just jumped right into my stories. But, this week while I was thinking about the blog, I couldn’t help but think “Geez, I hope I don’t become one of those parents that only talks about their kids.” That is why I am going to limit myself to only 3 blogs that have to do with my kid over the next 2 months. With that said, get ready for blog number 2!

Ever since we had the kid, it has been amazing how often people want to share advice with us on how to take care of him. All the added advice got me thinking about playing video games and how I hate when other people tell me how to play every game.  For Example:  Super Mario Bros. 3. When I play, I like to take my time and make sure I get to everything in each level, you know, collect the coins and really pimp slapping each level. But, I somehow always manage to play the game with someone who tries to beat each level as fast as possible, missing half of the game. People always want to run through the whole level to get the Star at the end, even though they can easily just run fast at the last part of the level and get it too. Then on top of that I hate when people tell me the best level is the Sky World…it definitely is not! If I am going to pick the best level I would say the big world, it was the game changer of its time. I know that this is not the same as how people tell me how to raise my kid, but it does show I hate other people’s opinions. I am fine with you having them, just don’t tell me what they are. Unless, of course, if  they have nothing to do with me and if they are funny, then keep them coming!

Alright, that is two down, everyone! Only one more to go over the next few months. I don’t know if I should write another kid-centric blog next week to get it over with or should I save this up and make sure I have a great rant?  Looks like I will have to just wait for that loving feeling to hit me. But, until I can figure that out, we want you to enjoy the comic. Until next week,