Hey, you guys! Depression has set in for me this week, I have finally come to the realization the Playstation 4 is coming out. While I know this is great news for so many people, this just destroys me. As you may know from previous comics and blogs, Jarv and I both waited quite a while before we got our Playstation 3s. So it still feels new to me, but now that luster is wearing off because of the new one lingering on the horizon. Damn you, Sony! Damn you straight to hell!

I guess my major problem with a new Playstation system is that I am not going to be able to get the new cool games that will be coming out. Why not just buy the new system then you might be asking? Lets just be honest, I am cheap, and have already blown all of my savings at the bar. So, I am stuck with the unappealing option  of either waiting a few years (again) until the PS 4 has a price drop or I start eating taco bell everyday until I win one.  So I guess my real dilemma is choosing a functioning colon over a PS 3 collection made up of clearance games waiting on a PS 4 price drop. Decisions decisions.

Alright, I am off to start my doom and get in line at T-Bell. So, while I murder my insides I want you all to enjoy this week’s comic. While it may not be the wordiest comic we have ever put together, it is still a good one. So, until next week…