Hey, you guys! It is that time of year again, when the video game companies bless us with a huge pile of new games. You know, I used to hate that the video game market capitalized so much on the Holiday rush but, now I have actually started to appreciate it. With all the new games coming out on the Holidays, I can ask for them for Christmas and not spend any of my money. Also, with Christmas commercials literally starting on October 30th and the equally obnoxious Christmas decorations going up October 31st at 8:01 pm right on the heels of Halloween, I think the new consoles and games are going to be the only thing keeping me sane this year. With Black Friday on the horizon, I know my Thanksgiving is shot and with Christmas around the corner I know Jarv’s Holiday is shot too.  Why is Jarv’s Christmas in jeopardy? Well, the people in our town think The Christmas Story is a documentary and with Jarv working at a Chinese restaurant…well, you can figure out the rest. Gone are the days of Holiday enjoyment if you work in the service industry.  Speaking of The Christmas Story, I swear if I got that bunny suit for Christmas one more time, I am going to go on a killing spree. The headline would read: 230lb pink bunny murders AA group, witnesses heard him screaming, “I hate quitters”.

Sorry, I went to my bad place for a minute there. I guess what I am really excited about is that I already have a huge back log of games that I bought this year, and now two of my favorite game franchises have released new games. Normally this would be a problem since my wife likes me to play the games I have before I buy any new ones. But, like I said earlier, since I am not buying them myself, it looks like a Win Win for me. New Assassins Creed and Batman Arkham Origins, plus my 8 game backlog. Simply, video game nirvana.

So, I am off now to organize all of my games and prep for all of the new ones to come. Instead of me telling you all about that, and boring you to death with my game ranking system. Lets get you off to the comic. We hope you all enjoy, it till next time…