Hey, you guys! As you may know, I have a new kid; which has really cut into my sleep time.  So, to fill the void, I have been watching a lot of movies. The only problem with this is I have already almost cleared out our Netflix library. But, instead of re-watching movies again, I have moved on to some more obscure titles. If I could make a recommendation for anyone: check out Hobo with a Shotgun (Jarv concurs on this one), its a real crowd pleaser. But the movie that caught me really off guard the other day was the Toxic Avenger. Now I have seen the movie before, but being younger I think that I really missed out on how crazy the 80’s really were.

First of all, how is the most popular person you know named Bozo? From what I remember, Bozo was a clown that invented beer pong with that awesome bucket game he had. Not some nut job that lived at a gym but did not really have any muscles. Now, this is where things got really weird:  how is running kids down with your car a game? Even for the 80’s, this activity seemed out there. But, I think the special effects they used was the only thing that saved them. Man! did you see when that kids head got smashed, or when the dog got shot? I don’t know what kind of goo they used but it was awesome, it really caught the subtle feeling of an exploded head.

The last thing that really caught me in the movie was how much the 80’s hated blind people. My first concern was that someone and I quote ” I’ve always wanted to corn hole a blind chick”. Now I know that there are perversions today but this is a new one to me. Next, how did everyone just let this chick walk around with a deformed monster like Toxie? You had to know he was giving it to here, yet they just let it happen. It makes me almost think of the Superman- Lois Lane argument  whether she could even receive his super sperm. Hell, what was his toxic sperm going to do to her? All I do know, is that should have been the start to gremlins.

Alright enough of my wandering mind, we need to get you to the comic…and I obviously need sleep! We have only a few left this year, so no need to keep you away any longer. Enjoy this week’s installment, and until next time…