Hey, you guys! As the year is coming to a close, I don’t want to take much of your time up with my ramblings so, this week I am going to tell you a quick story.  This year has been no different for me, like usual, as Christmas rolls around I always get sick. But for some reason, this year my annual sickness really hit me hard and I was down for a whole weekend. My typical sickness allows me at least to be a shambling zombie but this year I wast so lucky. I don’t know what it is about being at the pharmacy and buying things that makes me uneasy, like I’m trying to buy condoms and the cashier is judging me. “Hey, Dante,  don’t judge my sexual prowess,” I thing. Anyway, not to go deep into my sickness but lets just say things left me from all directions. So, as I walked to the counter with my stomach medicine I kept thinking, “This chick is going to think I have diarrhea.” When it was my turn I set my medicine down on the counter face down trying to be slick, but of course she had to flip it over while she scanned it. When she did I could see her reading the box, but before she could even look up I for some reason softly said, “Oh, man, I’m not going to make it.” While making this weird face where my left eye squinted,and I clenched my jaw. All while turning my head almost in pain. Just then she looked up at me, and she thought I was going to spray fart everywhere. Let me tell you, I have never had a transaction completed so fast before; it was amazing. Hell, somehow she even got my rewards card scanned in without even asking for it. After that I took my bag and started to walk to the door, but right before I left I stopped did the quick butt grab and ran out for a laugh.

So, enough about me and how I changed a CVS cashier’s life, let’s get you on to the comic. This is our last comic before we take a break for a few weeks. We hope you enjoy our last installment and the conclusion of Here Comes a New Challenger story arc. We’ll see you in a few weeks, until next time…