It’s crazy how life can throw you a curve ball that grinds all of your progress to a halt. Three days after I posted my first blog about the state of the comic  I fell extremely sick with the flu. It took me about two weeks to fully feel back to normal, which seemed to be the average time of recovery from this flu. And, believe me, I’m very thankful and fortunate nothing more serious happened, considering how vicious this years flu season has been. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to accomplish much during my down time and even missed Paulie’s and my opportunity to meet up and work on the comic.

Things did end up getting better and Paulie and I met up last Friday (1-31) and accomplished some much needed work on the comic. We finalized the direction the comic will take this year, outlined a ton of new material and even got some of our convention schedule nailed down. We also set this years comic goal at 40 comics, which was our same goal last year, that we unfortunately  missed by 10 comics. We may have fallen a bit short last year, but we did beat our previous years published comics by 10, so I’m happy with the improvement.

We’re really excited about bringing the comic back out, but we want to make sure we have enough finished material that we don’t end up with any missed weeks of publishing. So, we’re thinking the comic will be coming back February 10th or the 17th. We will definitely keep all of you posted and we can’t wait to start up the comic for all of you really soon.

Stay classy,