Hey, you guys! As some of you have heard, last week was pretty tough for us. Michigan’s weather never seems to work with us, but last week was just ridiculous. Being without power for a week is just crazy! Just think about it. Could you imagine Jarv and I without games for a week? Now, I know we have had our weeks without them, but it’s totally different when you just can’t play games. It is all you think about, I don’t know why but I immediately wanted to take the Lions to the Superbowl in Tecmo Superbowl so badly. Which is totally weird because I have not played that game in at least 5 years. But, either way, I knew I could not play it, so of course that is all I wanted to do.

What really got me was when power came back I  wanted to hit the games hard. I don’t know if you guys know but I am a little OCD when it comes to games, and I can’t start a new game till I finish the previous one. So, I wanted to get to Tecmo Superbowl, but I had to finish Duke Nukem first. I know not the best game, but I had to play it. First of all; it is a great throw back to the games that got me hooked as a kid. Not to mention it deals with all of my favorites, T&A, beer, go carts, Vegas, guns, and taking a great piss! Either way when I started the PS3 up I realized that my whole hard drive was erased and I lost all of my progress. I don’t know what it was but I immediately flashed back to my NES days. Back then when ever I was playing Mario my brother use to love to jump down the stair, which would cause the NES to bounce in the air and reset. This is one of the few things that will drive me to the point of madness and make me want to burn a nursing home to the ground, and when I saw that my hard drive was gone I went back to my dark place. Fortunately for the local seniors, my favorite bar is before the senior home, and a case of beer rendered me immobile.

But, enough of me, let’s get you all off to the comic. We have made you all wait too long for it, but also, I have to get back to Duke. Once again, we hope you guys all enjoy this weeks comic, and thank you all for following us. So, until next week…