Alright, we are starting something new this week!  Over the past year-or-so the comic has grown larger and continuity started to become more prevalent. This is a natural growth of the comic that spawned from not always having something new to say every week on the latest gaming/nerdy craze. And, Paulie and I always wanted more growth and longer term story lines for the characters. For those who’ve read the comic from the early days you can see us pushing bigger comics with more scope. Sometimes too hard for those 3-panels to hold.

Even though the comic has changed over the years into something that reflects the best of how we work and what’s best for the comic another void was created. In morphing the comic to fit our new format and dropping some of the random comics about “insert-lastest-game”, I felt like we lost a bit of what made Side Quest Comic so special. Don’t get me wrong, I love where the comic is going and I hope you do to, but I never intended to cut so deeply into our identity.

So, today we launch Side Quest Comic One-Shots. These are low continuity 3-panel comics just the way we used to make them. The regular comic will still come out with continued story lines and all the nerdy references you’d expect from us but, these One-shots, will be in the moment where we can put our SQC spin on nerd-culture as it happens. Even though we don’t have the time and money to comment or parody all the latest trends, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy or still get inspired to write about what we’re playing, reading, listing to and watching. These comics are going to fall right into that vein of what originally brought us to making the comic: which is to bring people together and make us laugh about the things that bind us nerds.

This weeks new comic is a little about Bravely Default but mostly about 3DS Street Passes or, that lack of Street Passes.  This comic was inspired when Bravely Default came out in February and focuses in on its use of Street Passes in the game play. And if you’re someone like me you, for whatever reason, you don’t get any Street Passes those elements of the game that rely on them aren’t going to be as fun.

Without further delay here is this weeks comic and our very first, of what we hope are many, one-shot.

Stay Classy,