As you can see, Paulie is out of town still, so I’ll be helming the blog once again. He’s out in Oregon and he gave me his word that he won’t die of dysentery.  Don’t worry, he’ll be back soon. Last week we launched  another comic line that gives us a new way to produce comics and all of the readers a great alternate way to read Side Quest Comic.  I was a little worried that subject matter would be a little stale because Bravely Default has been out for a while now. I figured all the buzz was worn off and not that many people would be into the comic. But, the comic wasn’t actually about Bravely Default or Street Passes, those were just the vehicle to comment and how people act on the internet.  Even still, I was a bit worried that there would be no anchor to ground people to what we were trying to say.  Then, the racist owner of the Los Angeles Clippers opened his mouth and a flood of 1st Amendment experts (sarcastic) came flooding to the internet. Huzzah! Our anchor.

If you haven’t read last weeks comic here it is. To paraphrase Jarv’s last lines he say, “I want to bitch and no logic will work…You’ve been on the internet.” And that’s exactly what happened during the week where people would ask “Where has Freedom of Speech gone?” Well, it hasn’t gone anywhere. People just don’t know what they’re talking about. For most of you, you don’t need to read the next few sentences but if you do, here you go. The 1st Amendment protects you from the Government restricting your free speech. For example: the Government can’t infringe on what Paulie and I do on our site and in our comic. The 1st Amendment does not protect you from public opinion or your private employer from taking actions agains what you’ve said. For example: If we make fun of something in the comic that you may disagree with, you can let us know. Or, if we really cross a line, our day job employers could terminate us.

I am still really surprised by the real world example of what we wrote in a comic weeks ago came to life in real time. So, other than that, I don’t know really how to end this blog, that’s why Paulie is the blog guy. This week we’re posting another One-Shot, I’m sure this one won’t have any social implication, I hope, just good old fashion Side Quest Comic fun.

Sorry about the civics lesson.

Stay Classy,