Hey, you guys! As you all heard, I was in Oregon recently, and let me tell you, it is not as easy of a trip as I remember. First of all, never go out there if you are a wealthy family, every one comes down with typhoid. I also had problems with my gun and missed half of the deer I was hunting and My family almost starved to death. Then finally the toll bridge was closed so I had to raft the river, and  it gets much harder the older you get. But, all joking aside  it was a good trip and I was really happy to see family I have not seen for way too long.

Talking about family we haven’t seen in a while brings me to the fact that it is Convention time again. That’s right! We will be up in Traverse City this weekend for C4 (Cherry Capital Comic Con). This was the first convention we ever did, so we always look forward to getting back to it. We love to meet all of the fans up there, but also we get to meet back up with a lot of the other creators.  We see each other throughout the year at other cons sometimes, but C4 is always are favorite con to see all of our creative friends.

We need to get you to this week’s comic because we have made you wait way too long for it. Plus, we need to get to packing, you would not believe how hard it is to put 10 cases of beer, our Nintendo 64 collection, and all of our comic stuff into a Ford Fiesta. But, if you find yourself with some free time this weekend come out and see us. If not, until next week…