As we gear up to post this week’s comic I want to take a minute and explain a new change that will be taking place. At least for the near future the comic will be on a biweekly schedule. We’ve been working hard to keep a weekly production schedule over the past 10 weeks and even with our best efforts we’ve still missed of few Mondays. Once I finally looked at the numbers the doom and gloom of switching to a biweekly comic faded away. This new schedule will actually help the comic be more consistent so, instead of 3-4 weeks of steady comics with a 2-3 week break after. Now, the comic production will be spread out allowing for plenty of time to get our comics finished. Also, with our new One-Shots we should be even more equipped to produce comics on a regular biweekly schedule or even post an extra comic from time to time.

The main reason for this change is because I have recently started a new job. And even though this major change in my life is for the better my schedule looks a lot deferent now. My time to solely work on the comic has been cut down and I’m spending my time trying to figure new ways and times to work on comics while adapting to this new life style.

Another big reason for this biweekly change is that after this year’s Cherry Capital Comic Con (C4) Paulie and I left the show inspired and driven to put together, finally, a collection of our work. And in order to put the extra time into compiling, updating and creating a book something’s have to slow down a bit. Any additional time created by this new biweekly schedule we’ll put into creating our very first collection of comics.

I hope everyone understands a little bit more about this decision and understands that it wasn’t made lightly. I stated in the beginning of this post that this change is only for the near future and as I get use to my new job and projects come to a close you’ll be the first to know when we get back to our weekly schedule.

Stay Classy,