Hey, you guys! So we are finally back from our adventures in the great comic north. Like always, we had a great time catching up with all of our friends up there, while also enjoying meeting all kinds of new people. One thing we always love when going up the C4 con, is that we always come back with so many stories to tell. This year is no different, but I was glad we had the extra time so that I could figure out just how to tell them. So here is what I came up with, we had too many events to try to put them all in one blog. So today I am going to leave you with one, and through out the week I will put more up on Facebook. Hopefully, that way you won’t forget about us as your week goes on.

So we had one night this year that I feel will always last in our memories. While I missed last years con, Jarv and his wife, Dana, went and made some great connections, which really got us locked in to the inner circle of the Con. So this year when we went, we were given the golden ticket – we got access to the hospitality suite. Each day after the con the big names get to go the hospitality suite for food, drinks, and to just hang out. Well when we went in, it was like nothing I had expected. For a group of nerds, comic creators and followers can really party. So much so,that the hotel even asked that they close down the hospitality suite because it was way too loud. But this is when things got crazy. As all real parties do, they had a back up plan to keep the rager going. Everyone left the main hotel and went off to the condos, where more of our friends had their rooms. That is where we entered the condos, where we later names the Death Star, and the night went off the rails. I never expected to see a full on kegger happening after a con. But ladies and gentlemen it was going down right in front of us, and we loved it. So just a few of the highlights from the night were, that there were 3- count them 3- keg runs made. It was nerd paradise, with Cards Against Humanity in one room, “COPS” on tv, drunk people passed out, people getting Sharpie-d, a straight up cake fight went down, finishing the night yelling lyrics to old-school rap songs.

Now, I hope all of you can understand the seedy underbelly of the comic world. You all thought we just came up with dick and fart jokes. I am telling you all right now, we don’t just come up with them, we live them. So lets get you to this weeks installment. Sorry it took longer to get to you guys, but hell we had to recoup. So enjoy and till next week…