Time for another monthly update, so, here goes. The state of the comic is still good and actually we’re starting, from this point on, to gaining some positive momentum. On Sunday I turned in the last portion from the secret project I’ve been contributing too and with that I can start moving my focus back to Side Quest. The ‘secret’ project isn’t entirely that secret anymore especially if you follow me/us on any form of social media (hit the like at the top). But, for those who haven’t seen anything I’ve got the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime. A wonderful comic anthology of short crime inspired stories put together by the multi-talented Heather Antos. I’d love to show everyone some work from it but until my editor spills the comic beans I’m keeping my portion under wraps. But, don’t worry, the KickStarter for the project is coming very soon and as soon as I get more images and the info you’ll be the first to know.

Now onto Side Quest business. For now I’m going to spend the next few weeks working on existing comics and start dusting off ideas from a few months back plus add a whole lot of new ones. That’s right! From not being able to work in Side Quest as much, I have a full on stock pile of ideas. My other goal is to meet up with Paulie for a much needed writing day and get this show back on the road.

Even though the break was unexpected an put a pin the comic I think all the fans of Side Quest will really get a kick out of the work my fellow contributors did for Unlawful Good. I’m am seriously amazed but the talent on the book and the fact that I’m even in it. Plus, all the fans of Side Quest will probably be shocked that I can draw something other than Paulie and Jarv.

But, seriously, the break away from the comic really helped focus me and I had a good opportunity to see the comic from afar and start thinking of ways to improve it. I’m really excited about the new and ideas and even more excited to sit down with Paulie soon so we can make them better.

Good things are coming, stay tuned.