When Animal Crossing finally made its way West to the GameCube, video games were changed forever. I didn’t own the game personally although I knew plenty of close friends that played the charming life sim. Over the years, and with each new iteration of the game, I tiptoed closer to actually playing a version of it.



I don’t know what it was about the 3DS version of Animal Crossing that spoke to me louder than all the others before it; but it did. Was it all the hype? There was a plenty of hype surrounding this new version including all the anticipation the new 3DS hardware brought to the table.


Was it the appeal of playing something in the moment with everyone? It’s always nice to be experiencing a video game at the same time other are. And, with social media you don’t need to have friends right next to you playing the same game to feel connected. Let’s face it. I’m the only one of my close friends that even has a 3DS let alone would buy ACNL.


Or, was it simply to finally experience an Animal Crossing game on a portable? (Which for a busy adult. It’s the best way to experience a game like this) Probably, a bit of everything. Regardless of my final reasoning I pick up Animal Crossing: New Leaf and jumped in with both feet.



It’s bothered me that we never found a place for any good ACNL comics during my time playing the game last year. Even with me deep into my town I never could really bring all those emotions to the surface and create something funny for the site.


I had a couple good starts but nothing seemed to stick…until. That’s right. We managed to put a nice little comic together about ACNL. It should be coming out in the next couple weeks. We’re still trying (Paulie and I) to plan out the next few months and get our feet back into the comics game. So, please, hang in there with us a bit longer.


Anyway! Back to important ACNL stuff. With the game newly back on the brain it’s hard not to get the urge to fire up my town again. Actually all summer I’ve had little reminders of what I was doing last year at this same time because of the game. Like watching the seasons change from summer to fall around me and in the game.



But, sadly, to bed down those impulses to get yelled at by my villagers because of my absence I’m hoping taking a trip down memory lane will help. I’m really hoping to hold off until Fantasy Life comes out in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure that RPG life sim will bring back a lot of the same emotions ACNL did. Unfortunately as I look at my avitars time as mayor I feel like it’s doing less to make me not want to play as much as it’s making me want to play.

Just some quick thoughts. Let us know what your thoughts are about my post or about Animal Crossing or just post about a game that really left an imprint on your life.



Stay classy,