Hey, you guys! As you can seen it has been a bit since we have last posted a comic. In our time off I have to say its been a struggle. The Man has really been holding me down, and the fight has been exhausting. Which has made it tough for me in the last few weeks to even try to be funny. Luckily for the comic Jarv has been there. You can see he has been keeping the state of the comic up, which I have to thank him for.

I am also excited to see his new comic Ayleen hitting the site. For years now we have been hitting the conventions pumping the comic out to everyone, but as you all know, it is really not appropriate for the younger crowd. That is why it is awesome that we can get a comic out not just mom and dad but also for the kids too. That’s right Disney, watch out, you had to buy Marvel to reach a larger fan base. Hell. We are building that on our own from the ground up. I feel I should use a horrible reference to a Drake song now, but I would lose the small amount of pride I have left in myself if I quoted “Started from the Bottom”.

Finally I wanted to thank Jarv just for keeping us alive. Not only is he coming up with new ideas, he is still getting out there and bringing them to the people. I hope some of you have been able to see Jarv while he has been out at a few different Cons over the last few months. If you did miss him check out some of the great sketches he did on our Facebook page, he really broke out of the mold with them. But, before you move on check out some of his other work with this weeks comic. So, enjoy this weeks installment and until next week…