Hey, you guys! I was looking for a few things to talk about this week, so I was out trolling the web a bit. When out of the blue I decided to do a quick search for ‘Side Quest Comic’ and see what comes up. I was shocked to see the multitude of comics showing up using the Side Quest title in on way or another. I like seeing new comics coming into the fold but if you’re going to rock the Side Quest name you better bring it. This Side Quest Comic crew is built to last.

But on a different note, I was really excited at the images that came across. We had some great images of the comic that came up, plus a few pics of our ugly mugs. But, then I saw something really cool, there are actually some photos of the other artists that were around us at some of the Cons we have been attending. Comics, like any other entertainment business, can have it’s rough edges but I’m happy to say everyone we’ve met and became friends with are some amazing people. Creating comics is a tough business so I give everyone at those Cons all the credit in the world. They are out there putting it all on the line and toughing through the rejection, bad conditions, and hang overs that would stop normal people. So to all of you guys keep on keeping on.

Now in a strange twist I was surprised to see Chuck Norris and Ivan Drago showing up in my ‘Side Quest Comic’ search. I guess they could represent us. I just wonder which one of us is old Chuck Norris in the Canadian tuxedo. Or who is Ivan Drago in the russian military outfit. Well, while I try to solve this mystery why don’t you guys get to the comic.  So, enjoy, and until next week…