Hey, you guys! We are off to another new year, and yes, we are still here! Now I was not sure where I wanted to go with the this years first Blog, until I was at the grocery store the other day. It is not often that I am shocked by others behaviors, I usually pride myself with being a stand out for strange behaviours. But, while I was taking a stroll through the grocery store I happened to see a young lady with a pregnancy test in her hand. I normally don’t perv out and check chicks out in the feminine hygiene aisle, but something about the pregnancy test just caught me off guard. Maybe because she was so young, or because I am a dad and it got me thinking about my kid, but it was something. Then it happened! This girl held the test up by her scared to death face and took a selfie! She then either sent it in a message to someone or may have posted it to a social media site, either way, I was totally shocked what had just happened. What has happened to the world today? I guess I just thought there might be some moments you just want to keep private. Hashtag I might be a teen mom might not be a Kodak moment (totally dated myself with that reference). You would the fear of becoming a parent would be enough to remember for a lifetime, not nowadays, it’s not a real moment until the proper filter and vignette has been apllied.

Now, to move onto the comic, we are planning on getting as many comics out this year as possible. I do want to let you know for the next little bit we’ll be featuring the last five pages of Ayleen #0. That way we can put a little more time into some great Side Quest comics. So, enjoy both comics and until next time…