Hey, you guys! I found myself watching a bit of TV this week and man did I get caught up in the commercials. I’m probably like 90% of all Americans and just DVR the TV shows that I watch, so I normally can just skip right past the commercials and not have to worry about them. But this week I had a bit more time available so I was able to actually watch some live TV, and man do I love the drug commercials. You know the ones where the two old people are in bath tubs out on the beach. Or the one for Viagra where the couple is going out to dinner, but you really know that the guy is just self conscious that he is going to have either a flaccid piece after dinner or pop a ragging mega boner during the appetizers. But hey that’s the dance, you have to buy here dinner before the love making happens. Sorry guys, I don’t make the rules, I just live by them.

While I can go on for hours about some other life lessons from these commercials, I really wanted to focus more on the side effects that are always listed at the end of the commercials. I know everyone has seen them. Yes, take this pill and it will help with depression, but you will get heads aches, blotchy skin, sweat profusely, have and odd odor, fall asleep randomly, possible die, and have anal leakage. I thought it was hilarious that half of the side effects usually could lead to the reason you would need to take the drug in the first place.

After watching numerous commercials I realized two things. Number one: why the hell do we have drug commercials? Shouldn’t we go to the doctor and they will tell you what drugs you should take? They must love when someone comes in and tells them what they should take. Like they did not spend forever in school and training to be the expert in these situations, but hell, you saw some TV and you know just as much as they do.

Number two: I wonder what would be listed if you put the side effects together for our comic. As you all know Jarv and I have no problems making fun of ourselves and almost everything around us. So, everyone hit us up on Facebook or twitter with any side effects we should include in our list. I would love to get this put together for you next week. So, let me get you to this week’s comic so you can get those ideas flowing. So enjoy and until next week.