The first thing you’ll notice is the site has gone under a bit of a make over. We streamlined the look and added a lot more navigation functions to the home page. You can search, view the latest 5 post, and now view comics based on tags. That’s a huge because  you’ll be able to view related comics and dive a little deeper into the site.

We’re also implementing a new posting schedule. The posts are going to happen in two 20 week blocks separated by a short break in-between. I think this should give us the time we need to catch up while having a schedule that’s still pretty full. If you’ve been keeping up with the comic over the years you’ll know 40 comics is still a tall order. I’ve had a few things change in my work schedule so I’m hoping the extra time home will translate into a more productive comic schedule.

Lastly you should notice we finally have a shop on the site. It’s taken us a long time to have a printing version of the comic and it seemed natural to be able to sell our books somewhere other than comic conventions. The shop is  bit thin right now but in the next few months we have a lot of new comics and products that are going to hit the shelves.

Hope to see all of you over this first block of comics. It’s been a long break and we’re ready to start posting some funny and excited comics. Even something new will be making it’s debut here in the next few weeks. Really exciting time for the comic. There’s also a few other new things that I’ve held back because they’re not ready just yet, so stay tuned.