We didn’t freak out, join the army, and become professional killers but we did hit ten years. Ten years! The comic has had its ups and more recently downs over the past 10 years but I thought it was important to put out a comic on the ten-year anniversary of Side Quest Comic. There hasn’t been a comic posted on this site in almost two years but that doesn’t mean that SQC has been dead…maybe on life support. The characters Paulie and Jarv are still bouncing around my sketchbooks and there’s been more than one failed attempted to bring the comic back in its weekly form.

The other reason this comic is so important is that it was the last comic Louis and I wrote together. He had already be gone from the comic for a year or so but at a New Years 5k  2017 one of us (not telling who) made sure we outran a dog. It was such an insane story that we had to put the official “that’s a comic” on it. What this means is from the first time we decided to make SQC we would say “that’s a comic” when something funny would happen. For years our friends would randomly hear one of us yell out laughing “that’s a comic.” And by the next week or month the little moment would turn into a comic on this site.

Cheers to ten years and thank you to everybody that has stopped by our little webcomic over the years.

You have made it worth all the hard work,

Travis (Jarv)