I haven’t talked too much about the new look of the comic or why the comic has been resurrected  with such vigor. I will have some thoughts put together about the change in style and I hope that will be out soon. The comics, I think, are clearly a reaction to the global pandemic and they’ve been a positive release for me and hope they’ve been a positive outlet for anyone that has read them.

I haven’t felt so much excitement and joy making Side Quest in years and I hope the shows in the story telling. One other thing that I haven’t done in years is post comics in any regularity or in any substantial numbers. But, that all changes today. With todays comics Side Quest has now published more comics this year than the last 5 years of the comic.



This is just the beginning of publishing new comics and I’m confident this is just the first publishing milestone; you’ll have to stay tuned to see how far the comic will go. I hope everyone is enjoying the new comics, I really hope everyone is staying home and staying safe. We will get through this together and be a stronger people.