Over the past few weeks the response to the new comics has been wonderful. I only expected to make a few comics to help pass the time and maybe chronicle some of this unprecedented experience we’re all having. The analytics on the site have been the best they’ve ever been lately. Although hearing from people in person over the past few weeks of how they look forward to reading the comics and they’re glad its back means more to me than any site stats.


Throughout April I had to figure out if the comic was actually back and by the last week of the month I had answered that question. I’ve slowed down the publishing in this month (May) to only Monday because the new question I have is: What does it mean to be back? I sadly don’t know. So for now I’m posting comics on Monday and that should give some breathing room to plan out the next steps for the comic.


Last week I posted the 12th comic this year. Below is a look at where this year compares to the past six years in the number of comics posted. I know that 2010-2013 were the most prolific years when it comics to comics posted and, I don’t know were this year will stack up in the end. But, for now, I’m proud of every single comic that has been posted this year.