If you are interested in commissioning me (Travis) for some unique one of kind artwork, this is how you get started. Listed below are three easy ways to contact me. Please only use one of these methods and keep in mind it may take a day or two to get a response.  Every message will be responded to as soon as possible. I would love to create something for you, so, give me the basic details of what you are interested in and we can work out the finer details together.

To get ahold of me:

  1. Direct message me through the Side Quest or my personal Instagram accounts or
  2. Direct message me through the Side Quest facebook page or
  3. Email me at sidequestmail@gmail.com. Please type “Commission Request” somewhere in the subject line

Here is a brief list of my most common commission requests. Special requests are also welcome – we can work out the details and price accordingly.

Comics Covers: I have a large list of blank comic covers to choose from. I can also provide a list of some options on request. Full color covers start art $50.

Using very light grey and light pink toned paper, I do full color 5×7 (true size is 5 x 6 3/4) for $25. Other sizes available upon request.