Sidequestcomic.com launched in Monday November 16th 2009 with the comic Side Quest created by Travis Bramble and Louis Dobry. The main comic series followed the characters, Jarv and Paulie, who are loosely based on the real life stories and antics of the creators. Although based on real people, with every comic, the creators have pushed the characters on a parallel and stylized path rather than a mirror image of their real life inspiration.

Side Quest started as a three-panel comic commenting on video games, pop art and all the nuances in nerd culture. But from the first ideas written down on November 27th 2008 to the comic launching on November 16th 2009 the creators work hard to make Side Quest unique to the growing landscape of online comics; and by 2013 Side Quest had grown out of its three-panel roots.



2014-06-09-new-years-part-fourWanting to tell larger stories and expand on the growing cast of characters that had been created over the years Travis and Louis re-launched sidequestcomic.com and with the new look came the ability to post larger comics. Starting with the story PSP Love in February 2013 Side Quest started to break out of the three-panel layout and into full pages with stories that follow a continuity.

After a year of publishing Side Quest with a tighter continuity the creators started to miss the good old days of making quick and funny comics. Trying to fit smaller comics that tell a quick story or joke into the now existing continuity was problematic. So Travis and Louis had the idea to  started a second line of Side Quest comics, this new line wouldn’t follow a strict continuity but would allow the creators to tell smaller stories about current topics.



In April of 2014 Side Quest split into two separate comic productions creating a new series called One-Shots*. With this new comic the creators had the freedom to explore large stories with a running continuity on Side Quest but with the flexibility to create smaller low continuity stories with One-Shots*.

One-Shots* wasn’t the only new comic series to launch in 2014. Wanting to expand the comics produced and the site Ayleen launched in November of 2014. This all-ages title focuses on the adventures of a young gnome and her squirrel companion Trigger. 

*One-Shots no longer exists as a chapter on Side Quest Comic. In 2020 One-Shots was absorbed back into the mainline comic. The ongoing content was separated out into Side Quest: Ongoing.



At the end of 2019 Side Quest started posting comics again. This was the first time the site had a new comic in almost two years. There were three comics, in total, that posted during the month of November to celebrate 10 years making comics. Although the site had not been active in a long time the print issues of the books were still sold at comic shows and in 2018 Travis (running the comic solo since 2015) started to take bringing the comic back, as a weekly web comic, seriously. Not The Goodest Boi, What The Sheet and, Ex Eyes were the three comics that breathed some life back into Side Quest . Even thought the celebration and return of Side Quest  was, at the time, short lived. Four months later the comics did return regularly, and with a spirit not matched since the launch of Side Quest  in 2009.