Before we post the last page of  What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse lets briefly talk about the history of the story. The origins of What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse started back at the beginning of 2012. The production of Side Quest had hit the wall do to the antiquated website we were using. Our self-coded and manually updated site had become a bear to view and with mobile on the rise our site hit the end of its usefulness. We were on a break trying to figure out our next move and with an early April comic convention in the distance the pressure was on us. We eventually came up with the idea to do a mini comic, about 8 pages, that would be a one-off story based loosely on a night out Paulie had in college. Yes, some of this story is based on truth. Crazy. I know. So, I took the basic idea from Paulie and started to plot out the comic. For reasons I still can’t explain I drew pages 1-4 and 7 first, this out of order drawing even popped up as recent as my work on Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime.

I started the “What A Horrible Night…” project quickly and this would also be the first time we thought about producing Side Quest in a longer form, not just 3 panels, an idea we wouldn’t implement for another year or so. But, in a weird twist, soon after I started the comic my enthusiasm in the project wained. I was seeing a lot of my webcomic friends putting out some stellar work and I wanted to be a part of that process again. I didn’t want to wait another month or two and I wanted the instant gratification of publishing a comic. I  ended up shelving the “What A Horrible Night…” and we started to work on weekly Side Quest stories again. Even though the website functioned poorly we ended up producing twenty of the best comics we’ve ever done, in my humble opinion.

Thankfully, the concept of continuity and having ridiculous adventures in the Side Quest world reared it’s head at the start of 2013 and “What A Horrible Night…” kept getting thrown back into the comic mix. After a couple false starts with it and even a preview in a failed mini comic “What A Horrible Night…” got its glory in the sun.

As the story comes to a close it’s easy for me see the changes its take over the years, from story line down to the art. But, what I’m most proud of is the fact that the comic is finished and that it fits wonderfully into the story we’ve been telling over the past couple of years. If you’ve haven’t been able too please check out What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse before the last comic drops next weeks.