Hey, you guys! So, it has been a crazy long time since we have all been together, but Travis and I are happy to be back at the helm of Side Quest Comic. As you can see we have not been just sitting around while we were off during the Holidays. Aside from writing a ton of new comics, the first thing you might notice is our new and improved website.  Now Travis and I are not the smartest two, so, programming our own website was probably not the best idea.  That is why we both want to apologize for the long loading  times that you all have endured to read our comic for the past few years. But, the long load times, unfriendly mobile viewing and general website clunkiness are all things of the past.  Now, we would love to take credit for it, and shower ourselves in glory, but we definitely cannot! Like I said before: we are not the smartest two. So, we reached out to our computer guru who humped our website into submission for us.   A big “Thank You” to Justin Desilets for man handling the website into perfect working order. Now that the websites spirit has been broken, it is ready for Travis and I to fumble our way through it and post some great comics.

Without further adieu, let’s get you guys to the comic. We have kept it from you all long enough. We hope you all enjoy the comic as well as the new site. For those of you who think the site needs some more work, you can kiss it! With that said, don’t worry we are still adding to the design putting as much Side Quest Comic stank on it. Until next week…