Hey, you guys!  It is great to be back on the comic wagon, that’s why I am going to start the ranting quickly today. On our break I was talking to Shane, a fan of the comic, and we started to discuss what is the worst super power you could have. Now I know that this has been done thousands of times before, but I just can’t help myself. Let me give you a little back ground though, I was watching some of the original Spider-Man cartoons from back in the day and could not believe how bad his Spidey sense was. Who benefits from the ability to know bad crap is going to happen to you in the span of 2 seconds. Really, 2 seconds? Barely 2 drops of pee could come out in that much time. There is no way this would help you out, I mean, other than you could get a 2 second buffer before your life flashes before your eyes.

Once my brain got going  on super powers I then started to think of other heroes with useless abilities. Look at Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. 2 for example. Who needs to be able to float while they jump? It would have been one thing if her ability was a necessity to beat the game. And, I am pretty positive Luigi got more action then her in that game.  And it is well known that Luigi is definitely the challenged brother of the Mario Bros. family.

Now, for all of you out there, I really wish I had more time because I would love to discuss how over rated the Mario’s Tanooki suit is. But, you know what I am going to save that for Facebook. So hit us up this week and let us know your take on the Tanooki suit. Until then, enjoy this week’s comic, and we will see you next week.