Hey, you guys!  Well we are back at it again this week, even though we had a rough ending to the weekend. It really was not that bad, but man, we have to stop drinking.  Just kidding!  We know that is not going to happen. On Sunday morning Jarv and I met some friends and ran the Corktown 5K in Detroit. For any of you that are not familiar with the Corktown race, let’s just say it is the one day Detroit looks and acts like the Las Vegas strip. Everyone should be downtown for the St Patty’s Day parade with a little excessive fun but still understanding families are there, but instead a small portion of the crowd uses it as an opportunity to be stupid and show theirs asses in public. Just like in Las Vegas there is always going to be a good portion of naughty fun that is expected but some people clearly can not keep their shit in check. Now, please don’t think I am bagging on the experience, because I am not,  I did my fair share of drinking and rocking the short shorts. I’m just trying to paint a mental image for everyone of the festive environment.

With this type of ambiance Jarv, Davy, and I knew it was not going to be our best race, also the three warm up drinks didn’t help much either. So, instead of racing seriously we went out on a mission. We had to get as many free beers as we could from the crowds lining the race course. The crowd lines the race because it is the same route the parade follows and the crowd is always a festive bunch. We did hit a small snag at the half mile mark where we waited in line for 15 minutes for a Porta John but after we took care of business we get to work on our real business; free beer. And I am happy to report that we  hat tricked our free beer score. That’s right, 3 free beers, and we are taking that as a win mostly because of the difficulty of three dudes panhandling for beer. Well, maybe not completely, we are packing some nice moobs and that might be someones thing. I think the crowd greatly underestimated our ability to drink and run or, even more so, greatly underestimated our alcoholism but either way I thank those three generous souls for contributing to our hydration.

Well, enough of about us, if you want to hear more about our shenanigans follow us on Facebook. Now it is time to get you to the next installment in the comic. Hey, we hope you are enjoying the new storyline because we enjoy making the best stories we can. Until next week…