Back in February I started the long process of compiling a print edition of Side Quest. I went back and forth for a while about where I wanted to start with a print version and it seemed the best option was to start from the beginning. You’d think that was a pretty straight forward place to start, but with all the changes we’ve made to the comic along the way I wasn’t 100% sold on starting from our start. I questioned would people want to read a 6 year-old comic. But, when I finally got the printed versions in my hand I was so happy with my decision.


Now these books aren’t just straight copies from their web versions. When Paulie and I started the comic back in 2008 we where figuring almost everything out as we went along. We’re are still learning and growing to this day but at the beginning things were rough. So, for most of the winter and spring I went back into each comic and relettered, fixed and tweak any dialogue issues. It took me up until mid-May to finish it but once it was done both Paulie and I were very proud of the 28-page issue.


We brought them to this years Cherry Capital Comic Con (C4) and were really happy with their performance. People seemed to really resinate with out first issue and general vibe of the book was very positive. Because things seem to be going so well I’m probably going to be starting on issue two very soon and maybe push to have that out early next year. If you are looking to get a copy you won’t have to wait long. We’re currently looking into a few digital store fronts and once one is set up I’ll make it well know. And, we’re even planning some very special give-aways once our shop is up and running.

Stay tuned,