For a long time I’ve wanted to try an write some game reviews. If you’ve been reading the comic for a while you’ll notice a few stories themed around reviews or lists. Even though I’ve had these ideas to write more about games I never really had the push to actually follow through with anything really tangible. That was until my friends over at Digital Nerdage started looking for some outside contributors for extra content. I figured doing a review here-and-there for some friends and great podcasters might be the push I need to start writing more about games.

Now, I’m not trying to be a big games journalist and I’m actually not really writing what are traditional reviews. But, I do like talking about games (especially the weird ones) and there are a lot of games that fall threw the cracks here at Side Quest. Not every games have a funny punchline or crazy story; sometimes a great critique and recommendation is all a game needs. For now and for how ever long I can, the games that I just want to recommend and chat about will be over at Digital Nerdage. <link the page again>


Please read my reviews for Heart Beaten and The Armor Machine Soldiers.