Paulie is out of town this week skiing with some of our friends so it’s my job and honor to lead you all into this weeks comic. I’ve restarted this week’s blog about four different times and I’ve come to the conclusion that I much rather co-author and draw comics than write a blog post each week.

The original layout for the comic was supposed to span three comics but with our new and improved site being able to handle larger images the best thing to do for the story and the readers was to condense everything down to one great comic. This weeks comic is a bit different than anything we’ve ever done in the past which is sort of ironic since this comic is primarily about the past. A highlight reel, of sorts, that gives us a nice interlude before next week exciting finale of the PSP Love story arc. These four comics are really important to what we’re going to set up for the characters over the next year or so.

So, I’m done keeping you from the comic, and lets hope Paulie gets back real soon to save you from my boring blog posts.

Stay Classy,