Hey, you guys! Jarv and I want to wish all of you a Happy Easter, we hope you all had a great day with your families. I know I did. First I stuffed myself with food and candy, then I proceeded to continue to gorge myself not with food but with games. It is a tradition in my family that we close out almost all holidays together playing some form of board games. Most times it is just a way for all of us to be together and have a good time, but for some reason this year we were a little off. Now we still had fun playing, but it was not the same light atmosphere we normally have. This year we didn’t play our normal game of Pass the Pig or Yahtzee. This time we went with what we thought would be a simple game of Uno, but it was anything but simple. I think we must have had some built up resentment from Christmas, because it was no holds barred night at the Dobry house. To give a little perspective a normal game of Uno should take around 15 minutes to play, and it is full of laughs and fun. We, on the other hand had a game that lasted over an hour and a half. That consisted of continual backstabbing and verbal abuse. This is always weird when your mother is calling you names, and then resorts to the classic “you were adopted” line of attack. On top of that, the night ended with me trying to slit my brothers throat with an Uno card, while he tried to Hulk smash though the kitchen table. At the same time my mom tried to push my dad down the stairs, while he was kicking us all out of the house, for being what he called, “ungrateful little shits.” Still I think this was one of the best holidays we have had in a while.

Now that you have seen some of my family’s true dysfunction, can you see where the comic comes from? On that note, let’s get you to the comic so I can act like my real life is all just a dream. So, enjoy this week’s installment, and don’t forget only two weekends until we will have our shit show back on the road. So, don’t for get to get your tickets to the SPACE Con, but until then…