Hey, you guys! All right, it is that time of the year again, the pageant season is about to kick off. Which means it is time to bust out the old magic act and boobie tassels and entertain the people. Okay, so we aren’t actually launching our campaign to win Miss Michigan, but we are kicking off our first comic convention of the year. This weekend we will be heading down to Columbus Ohio for SPACE Comic Con. Now we have only been to this con once before, but I have to say it was one of our favorite cons. The people at the show are great and really open to seeing something other than all of the main stream titles. This is perfect for us because we are still way underground, but it is cons like this that will help us change that.

Jarv and I have said it probably too many times now, but we have a blast bringing you the comic. So much that most of the time it really does not feel like we are doing work. So, it got me thinking how great it would be if we went big time with the comic? Then it dawned on me it would be great for us but imagine all of the people that worked for the company. They would have to deal with our ridiculous comments, excessive drinking on the job, constant fondling, and total disregard for wearing pants. Sounds like a perfect place to work right? With these new concerns in mind I was off to troll the internet to find the worst company to work for. That is when I came across an article that said that EA games ranks among the worst companies out there. Come on people, how could a company that has milked customers for years and years by constantly remaking the same game over and over, plus being an industry leader in driving the need for downloadable content really be that bad? Apparently that was not what most of the world is upset about, it is EA’s predatory absorption of smaller companies to ensure they retain market share. Plus other people don’t like the fact that they have homosexual characters in their games, which I guess being socially conscious is supposed to make up for the Sim City fiasco.  Forget that Madden has been the exact same game repackaged and sold year after year since 1988.

Well,we hope to see some of you this weekend down at SPACE over the weekend, on our push to become part of pop culture. Hopefully EA doesn’t hear about us yet, now would be a great time to swoop in and buy us up. Because if we do go big you know our next move is into Video games.  It only looks like a win-win for EA. But till that happens keep enjoying the comic, and until next week…