Hey, you guys! Wow, this weekend was a tough one for us. As you know Jarv and I went down to Columbus Ohio for SPACE – our first comic convention of the year. Now when I say it was a “tough one” I don’t mean the convention itself, we had a blast meeting new people, and hope all of the people we talked to had a good time and are enjoying our comic. What I am referring to is our normal shenanigans which have probably ruined my liver, and may have finally made my mother ashamed of me.

The weekend kicked off with us hitting up a great game shop called Level 1 Games in Dublin Ohio. If you are into games, especially retro ones, I would really recommend making a stop at this fine establishment. They have a great selection, plus you can tell the work and care they put into restoring all of the merchandise to their former glory. We also hit up a great “Buy 1 get 1 Half off” sale at FYE and picked up some classic albums to rock out to on our ride back to Michigan. But we weren’t thinking of leaving yet so we went out to celebrate our finds and gear up for the next day at the Con. Per usual, we went a little far with the celebrating at the bar but we also managed to turn ridiculous  behavior into comedy gold. Our night out will all be revealed in future comics, I promise.

Then, we started the Con, and let me apologize to anyone we may have meet that first morning. We not only brought our comic to the Con but some of the worst hangovers ever, as well. I don’t know what was worse, still feeling hung-over at 5 pm or wanting to throw up every time we spoke that morning. Either way, I am sorry for showing everyone at the Con that we definitely cross the line between our life imitating our art.

This years SPACE was different than years past because we didn’t do nearly as many commissions and the general traffic seemed down from last year. There was a lot going on in Columbus, leaving the guests at the hotel asking each other whether they were there for comics or horses. Horses? That’s right a horse event was in town, plus a fair and a toy convention. So, the Con for us turned into making investments over money. We want people to like what we do and like our comic and it’s better to get out there and talk to a small number of people that will become fans of the comic and stay with us for the long run.

After the show we finished the weekend off hitting up another game shop Play It!, where I know I spent way more money then I made the whole weekend. I don’t know what it was about the retro games this weekend but we were on a mission to find them, and both of these shops really came through for us. Man, I am getting a nerd boner just thinking about all of the vintage swag.

All right I know that I am going on and on but it was a crazy weekend and I was really happy for it. I have tons of other stories from the weekend, but I need to get you to the comic. If you do want to hear some of the other stories keep an eye on Facebook this week. Or check us out on our new twitter account, that’s right we are all over the tweets, twits and twats. This is usually where I sign off but before I do the Side Quest Comic family would invite you to join us as we keep the victims, their families and the city of Boston in our hearts, thoughts and prayers in the wake of today’s tragedy. So, enjoy, be kind and until next week…