Hey, you guys! I am going to kick this week off by saying, “I am jealous of Jarv.” So, you all know last week we attended our first comic convention of the year, and as always I was laid out sick after it. While I was writing the blog for last week I just felt a little tired but I didn’t think anything major of it. I actually thought I was going to sneak a win out on this one and not get sick. But ,come the following day I felt like death. No, let me rephrase myself. I felt like the bus to Hell ran me over then picked me up and brought me to Hell. It was not until this morning that I actually started to feel a little more like myself again.

Now, I am not jealous that Jarv was not sick, I am happy that half of the Dynamic Duo could stay in action. I am jealous because after we rocked out a music and game buying binge before and after the con, while I’m down for the count Jarv goes on two more music buying binges. He and his wife,Dana, went out and picked up some awesome vinyl-not just on Saturday in our home town but then drove to Ann Arbor for a record show yesterday. Which, if I were Jarv, I’d watch those Bad Company records the next time I come over, those are right up my alley. But, finally I  saw all over social media  Jarv and his wife kick it old school with some retro games, which I love. It was killing me that I was sick and could not be a part of it.

All jealousy aside, good for you Jarv and Dana, I am proud to say that at least one of us kept it real for the team. Now that is enough of my ramblings we need to get you to this week’s comic. We hope you enjoy the end to this mini-series, I know we had a blast writing it. Plus, it has a little twist that wraps it up nicely. So, enjoy and until next week.