Hey, you guys! Put it in the books, we have made it through another Free Comic Book Day. But this years was like none other that has come before it. Jarv and I were lucky enough to take part in an event put on by Prime Time Comics & Cards in downtown Lake Orion. We went into the day like we would for most conventions but let me tell you it was nothing like the cons we are normally at. Which is not a bad thing because we love all of the cons and the people we meet at them, but it was a nice surprise to see how different Free Comic Book Day was from a standard convention.  First of all, we were outside, which is the total opposite of cons where we are crammed into dungeons all day. We also had fresh air to breathe instead of the normal reprocessed viral air that circulates the shop floor. Plus we got sun burned instead of leaving the cons looking like Buffalo Bill had us locked up in his basement well for a month.  We rocked the day out like Superman with the sun keeping our energy bars full.

The day was also very different then our typical cons because, we had one hell of a line up for once at our table. Where we usually have to berate all of the passer bys to even look at us, let alone stop at our booth. In the few hours we were there Jarv slaved over 25 different sketches while I just sat around and had a blast with everyone while they waited in line. So, Jarv let me Thank You for being the work horse behind the comic, and let me thank all of the people who waited in line. We know it may be just a free sketch to some, but to us it was a time we get to talk to new people about what we love…our comic. We hope that all of you that stopped by had a chance to check out the comic, and see what I meant when I said we are pretty ridiculous.

We also wanted to thank Jarv’s amazing wife, Dana, for sticking with us for the day, I know you had a lot other stuff going on that day. So, Thank You for being there, Dana. Also Thank You to all of our friends and families that stopped by, and kept us excited about being out there. For everyone who could not make it out that day, don’t worry we love you too. We’d also like to thank Mike at Prime Time Comic & Cards for letting us set up or table outside of his shop, we can’t wait to see you next year. Hell, Jarv and I will probably be in to get our comics next week. Stay tuned to our Facebook this week for previews of the sketches that Jarv did while we were at Free Comic Book Day. He had lots of great requests, I really dug the Red Skull and Alien Queen. But enough of me going on, let’s get you to what you are here for the comic. So, enjoy and until next week…