Hey, you guys! So, after only a small delay, we are back. We had to take a little breather last week after we completed our first running relay race of the year. I don’t know what it is about the races we do, but somehow they always crap all over our good intentions. We had planned to still have a comic out last week, but after a weekend of drinking and being lost in the woods, we were somehow unable to find the time to finish the comic for Monday. Who would have thought alcohol would make you unproductive?

Now, I don’t want to say that this was a bad year for the relay team, but it was defiantly more laid back than we normally are. This could only mean one of two things. The first one being that we have finally started to grow up and mature. If that is true I could only imagine what would happen to the comic. No more dick jokes, no puking, hell, we might even have to give up gaming all together. Which I can tell you is not about to happen, which means we have only one culprit slowing down our relay festivities. We have finally hit the old man drinking phase of our lives. Where binge drinking is now just an average Tuesday, and don’t even talk about the old man rage in us! Something gets under our craw, we start having Red Faction flashbacks and the next thing you know – out comes the whiskey and I start trying to fight my neighbor because he went too far and mowed part of my lawn also. You never mow another mans lawn!

Woosa…woosa…woosa! Damn it! Now I’m all fired up. Before I get started up again, let’s get you out of here and on to the comic. We hope you guys enjoyed the wretched funk series. It is funny to think that Jarv had to really live through that stink in a tiny room similar to the one in our story. So, enjoy this week’s comic and until next week …