Hey, you guys! I know each week I throw ridiculous rants and ideas at you before you are able to enjoy the comic. But this week I have a good one for you. So, I bought a pizza the other night, which is a pointless fact in this story, but while I was waiting I decided to stroll over to Kmart and waste some time. Now, normally I don’t go to Kmart; games are hardly ever on sale for a good price but it had to be better than sitting watching some sweaty kid make my food and add his own homemade salt mixture to it. Anyway, while I was wandering around, I came across a little gem, a pair of Hulk gloves that were on sale.  For those of you that don’t know, I have a little one on the way, and have awesome ideas for pictures I want to send to his mom while she’s at work. These gloves play right into my master plan, so, I had to buy them. I took them up to the counter to pay for them, and if you only could have seen the look on the cashier’s face, I think I even heard a “sploosh” in his pants when he scanned them.  I was waiting for the ultra nerd conversation to start, but then he hit me with a bomb shell, he asked me if I wanted to insure them for $10 bucks.

Now, I have 2 major problems with this! The first one being, why would I pay $10 to insure these when they are only $15. Hell, I should just buy a second pare because it would be cooler to say I have two pairs of Hulk gloves. As compared to saying, “Yeah, I’ve got Hulk gloves, go ahead smash something they’re insured”.  My next problem is when the Hell did they start insuring toys? Do you know how awesome my He-Man collection would be right now if this had been around when I was a kid? Prince Adam would not have dog bites all over him right now,and I would not have the headless bodies of 5 Moss Men stinking up my closet. Not to mention that damn microphone on Skull Mountain would still be attached.

The time have changed right when I finally learned to respect what I have. Okay, who am I kidding? I never learned to respect my stuff -corporations made this crap up for people just like me. While The Man may have my number, I want you all to fight the good fight for me. Enjoy this weeks comic and until next week.

Paulie! Smash!