Hey, you guys! I know it has been a few weeks since the last time I posted anything, but its has been a crazy time in my life with a new baby; my brain off in a million different directions. But as you all may have guessed,  they are not the most constructive thoughts. While I have been concerned for his well-being, I have been more concerned with what we need to do to ensure that our two comic book collections don’t get mixed together.  Sharing has never been my strong point. But to my credit on this one, you should never cross the streams.

While in the hospital, my wife and I had a scare with the little guy, and like always I started to joke around. Like when I asked her how long ’till they start to prep him for his Wolverine Adamantium surgery. That was when the nurse in the room hit me with a response that I was totally not prepared for. She looked up, dead serious and just said “You realize that there are two major issues with that statement”. I replied “Really? What would those be?”, just waiting for her to hit me with how I need to focus on how precious of a gift he is. But no, instead she replies ” First of all he does not have bone claws, let alone the regenerative  properties that Logan possessed”. While my wife looked totally lost, I was extremely impressed with her laid back approach. So then I suggested “Lets just go with the Steve Rogers experiment then”. To which she replied ” Sorry we are afraid that we could end up with a Bruce Banner issue again, and the town you live in is way to small to contain that”. It was amazing how just a little nerd talk calmed down the whole situation for me.

Alright, enough about me, it is time for us to get you on to the comic. We hope you guys have been enjoying the comics. Jarv and I were laughing the other day because we realized a lot of our new comics are multiple parts, which basically means we are just long-winded. At the same time, though, we hope you guys have enjoyed it because we have a few more before this year is over.  So enjoy and till next week…