Hey, you guys! This week I have come to the realization that I need to get healthier. I know I have said this before but I have been kind of disappointed in myself lately. I know I am still ruggedly handsome but not like I use to be. So, I have decided to set some goals for myself. And once I achieve them I can reward myself with either drinks or video game playing time. Now I know that this just sounds like another New Years resolution but that is why I am putting the reward section in. For years my basic New Years resolutions only had the goal to keep me motivated; but with this new challenge, I’m going to see how I will do with a carrot on a stick. Yeah, six-pack abs would be nice, but a six-pack and a six-pack of beer would be even better! Or, even a 5K in under 24 minutes gets me 24 hours of gaming. I don’t know all in the ins-and-outs yet but, let me tell you, I think this time I’m going to be a winner.

I want to thank our friends over at “Punching the Clock” for the motivation. They sent out a contest to get motivated to write and challenge each other that got me started on all of this. So, I thank you, while at the same time I bet the comic thanks you for the humor that is sure to come from all of this. But, enough about me and my transformation into Captain America, lets get you off to the comic. We hope you enjoy this weeks installment, but if you happen to finish early this week hit us up on Facebook and let me know of some goals I should set for myself, and the award I should get. Until next time…